Geneva, 6-16 March, 2014

Other nice pieces

I met also several other nice pieces, which I do not remember by names. There is a possibility to find and identify all of them via web, but I'm too lazy to do it. In fact, I do not find it important to keep all these nice cars for my memories.


Infinity exposition presented also this steering wheel from the race car. Could it be still considered as the wheel? It seems like a joystick of some obscure gaming console :-)

Range Rover variation by AC Schnitzer

I do not remember where I took the photo of this one, nor brand and model name

If I could recall where did I took this image, it would be placed in the appropriate section :)

European Design Studio study or how it was named...
These shapes look good anyway

Continental presenting its tyres on Audi

Fulu - one of lovely electricity powered city cars

Nissan Leaf - electricity powered car

Nissan Leaf e'mobile another view


Borrasca - a very close detail